• Rearranging icons - touch and hold down any icon until they all jiggle. Then you can drag them to a different location.
  • Create more screens by dragging an app to the right off the edge of the screen.
  • Once you have 4 or 5 screens and you want to move an app from the last screen to the first, it is easiest to first drag it to your dock.
  • Making folders - drag one app right on top of another app that is similar in purpose. This creates a folder. You'll be prompted to name the folder or leave the suggested name.
  • If you have several apps that you need to move around, you might want to put them all in one folder. Then put the folder in the dock and go to the screen where you want to put the apps. Drag the apps out of the folder on the screens where you want them.


Once you have several screens of apps and/or folders it gets a little difficult to find a specific app. When you're on the home screen swipe to the right and you'll get the spotlight. Start typing the name of the app you want and it will show up in the list. It will also find emails, contacts, notes, and calendar events. You can even search Wikipedia and the web from the Spotlight.